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Commercial Real Estate Sales

The BraVado Realty and Investments is a real estate firm based in Michigan, which specializes in selling commercial investment properties throughout the United States. The BraVado's mission is to sell our clients properties quickly for the highest value each property is worth. We have a 100% sales record with closing our clients properties within 4 months of starting our relationship. That's why our firm starting using the slogan "Marketed, Sold, Closed, in UNDER 4 months".   Our typical real estate transactions are from $500,000 to $10,000,000. Our expertise are in the multifamily and commercial side of real estate. A large number of our transactions that we close are on properties other firms have failed to do so.


The BraVado Realty and Investments has multiple sales approaches for our clients. The most popular approach has been in partnering with Ten-X, the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. We focus on bringing in buyers from all over the United States, even to smaller markets most would think aren't marketable.

We have a free broker price opinion for any multifamily or commercial property given personally by our firm's owner/founder, Michael Henkel. Michael has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo!, Bigger Pockets, and more over the years. 

When you think The BraVado Realty and Investments just remember our slogan

"Marketed, Sold, Closed, in UNDER 4 months"

Call 989-404-0000 for your free consultation today!

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